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Benchmarketing is essential to CEM

The obvious aspects of the customer experience are customer-facing processes and interactions. But myriad internal processes impact the customers experience, as well. That’s where business intelligence (BI) comes in.

Customer experience leaders can use business intelligence reporting to surface opportunities and issues with critical business operations. The aim is to use BI to generate actionable information about internal operations that specifically relate to customer experience management (CEM). To increase the impact of any changes you’ll make based on your findings, segment the insights by account type (e.g. tiers one, two, and three) and contact type (e.g. decision maker, influencer). This will help prioritize any changes you’ll want to make to drive customer loyalty overall—but, first, among the highest-value customers.

Some key BI report types that focus on CEM include Balanced Scorecard, delta analysis, key-driver analysis, Net Promoter Score, and vulnerability index.

Taking a data-driven approach to CEM by continually analyzing business performance not only will help surface issues that need to be resolved, but also will allow you to explore new ways of gaining a competitive advantage. Business analytics makes it possible to combine customer satisfaction and operational data to gain deep insight into purchase behavioral overall, as well as by customer type and job role.

One especially valuable approach to using business intelligence is benchmarking. It allows customer experience leaders to see how their organization compares on various dimensions—most important, measurements related to CEM. You can, for example, compare your organization’s customer service ratings against best-in-class businesses or compare your NPS against other companies in your industry.

Benchmarking is an invaluable reality check that reveals how you stack up against competitors and category leaders across industries. The first step, of course, it to select the metrics and values you want to compare. Popular comparisons include overall best-in-class companies, top industry-specific performers, and head-to-head competitive analysis. Our NorthFace ScoreBoard Award recipients are another excellent source of comparison for CEM performance. These award winners have demonstrated that they provide world-class customer service; rated by their own customers as consistently exceeding their expectations for service quality.

Business intelligence, analytics, and benchmarking are three of the elements that comprise the CEMDNA Playbook Strategy.

CRMI Rebrands as a Membership-Driven Organization Dedicated to ‘All Things CX’

Customer Relationship Management Institute LLC (CRMI) provides one-stop shopping for business professionals and tech vendors devoted to customer experience (CX) management strategy

NORTH BILLERICA, Mass.; May 8, 2017 – The Customer Relationship Management Institute LLC (CRMI), announced today that is has completed the transition to a membership-based organization dedicated to providing a single point of contact for “All Things CX,” recognizing the growing influence of customer experience (CX) management as a critical business strategy in virtually all industries and business sectors.

CRMI has established a new website – – where prospective members and technology vendors/service providers targeting the multi-billion dollar CX marketplace can become members and sponsors, respectively. Content categories include Trending in CX (market research and industry news); CX Marketplace, (a directory of CX technologies, blogs, articles, white papers, webcasts, speakers, etc.); Member Services (individual and corporate memberships, training & certification); Events & Courses (directory of CX events and courses), Partners (vendor sponsors) and more. Visitors also can register to receive the new monthly newsletter, CX Playbook Strategy Review. Soon the site will offer a CX Technologies Lab, where members can “test drive” software offered by sponsoring vendors who have proof of earning superior customer service ratings.

“This is the Age of CX,” said John Maraganis, president and CEO of CRMI and Omega. “Delivering a consistently superior customer experience has become table stakes. CRMI has championed that concept since its founding in 1999, and now – as CX becomes a strategic imperative for more and more companies – is taking its mission to a new level.”

CRMI is projecting 15,000 individual members in 2017 and 40,000 members by 2018. Individual membership is free, while fees for corporate membership provides access to more detailed and comprehensive CX information resources.

CRMI continues to provide a wide range of employee engagement services, educational workshops, and employee reward programs designed to help organizations create a workplace where employees are motivated and skilled, customers are valued and relationships are maximized. CRMI’s employee loyalty services include employee incentive and training programs, specifically the Certified CEM Professional (CEMPRO℠) curriculum and award.

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