CRMI Honors 33 Service Organizations for Delivering ‘World-Class’ Customer Service
6 Cited for Certification in Customer Experience Management Professional (CEMPRO)
2 Cited for Certification in Providing Employee Centric Work Environment (VoE)
2 Cited for NFSB Triple Crown Award Status – CXDNA Ultimate Ecosystem℠


—All have consistently exceeded customer expectations with highly engaged employees—

Chelmsford, MA: April 1, 2023 – Customer Relationship Management Institute LLC (CRMI) specialists in driving companies’ revenues and profits by implementing Customer Experience (CX) strategies that makes CX the most critical component of their DNA (CXDNA), announced that 33 service organizations have qualified to receive the NorthFace ScoreBoard Service Award 2022 for superior customer service, requiring a CSAT rating of 4.0 minimum or an equivalent rating system within the calendar year.

CRMI also recognized six (6) companies for engaging employees to meet the rigorous customer relationship soft skills training requirements needed for the NorthFace ScoreBoard CEMPRO Award 2022. The certified NFSB Customer Experience Management Professional (CEMPRO) award was established in 2010 to provide best-in-class training curricula for organizations who want to certify that their customer-facing groups (CFG) have mastered the skills needed to deliver consistently exceptional customer service. The award criteria require’s the entire applicable CFG to receive the training with ninety-percent (90%) achieving a minimum test score of eighty-percent (80%) within the calendar year.

CRMI also recognized two (2) companies who have created an employee centric work environment earning them the NorthFace ScoreBoard Voice of Employee award 2022. The award criteria is based on employee survey or third party ratings (Glassdoor - Indeed – etc.) requires minimum 4.0 as rated by their employees within the calendar year. The NFSB Voice of Employee Award was established in 2020 to encourage companies to create an employee centric work environment, which includes career opportunities - competitive benefits program - competitive salary compensation - training to improve work skills - employee recognition, - diversity / equity / inclusion and a balanced home-work life - that results in providing continuous superior customer experiences.

Lastly, CRMI recognized two (2) companies for the special NorthFace ScoreBoard Triple Crown Award 2022 (established in 2020) for those organizations that qualify for three (3) categories of NFSB Awards within a given calendar year. The NFSB Triple Crown Award tagline “CXDNA Ultimate Ecosystem℠” recognizes organizations that have achieved the world class excellence standards for all interactions with customers – partners – employees.

Now in its 23rd year, the NorthFace ScoreBoard Service (NFSB) award is presented annually to companies who, as rated solely by their own customers, achieved excellence in customer service during the calendar year. Further, all NFSB recipients who have met the criteria of being a recipient for seven (7) contiguous years shall receive special SUMMIT category with the number of contiguous years, denoted on their award, in their NFSB certification letter/deliverables and in their marketing rights. The Summit criteria now extends to all NFSB awards.

“The NorthFace ScoreBoard Award is widely recognized as the most prestigious award for customer service excellence due to its unique customer only vote criteria. The award recognizes organizations that not only offer exemplary customer service but those who have chosen to make their CX strategy the critical component of their company’s DNA”, said John Alexander Maraganis, President & CEO of CRMI. Each year thousands of companies, both domestic and international, are invited to apply for the NFSB Award. In this year’s audits, more than 5000 companies were invited to participate in NFSB Award Program – the customer service audits included daily – weekly – monthly – quarterly – annual survey projects, many international in scope. CRMI conducts a review/confirmation of their clients customer satisfaction / loyalty satisfaction survey results (CSAT / LSAT) and requires written verification of those survey results/processes by the company’s CX executive management. All NFSB certified NFSB Auditors are required to review/confirm their clients CSAT/LSAT survey results/processes and submit results to CRMI for approval. All approved Master Auditor clients NFSB awards shall contain Master Auditor logo and CRMI’s logo as a Co-branded NFSB Award.

CRMI methodology measures customer satisfaction with services and/or product satisfaction (features-reliability-cost of ownership-etc.) on a 5-point scale (or an equivalent rating system) in such services categories as technical support, field service, customer service, account management, professional services on- boarding, journey mapping, augmented reality, community services and other customer facing functions. The NFSB recipient companies/business units achieved a 4.0 or above out of a possible 5.0 or an equivalent rating system such as NPS.

“Due to its unique ‘Customer-only vote’ criteria, the NorthFace ScoreBoard Award for service has been viewed from its inception in 2000 as the only objective benchmark for excellence in customer service, Maraganis said. CRMI defines ultra-customer loyalty as customers who continuously purchase from the same vendor - even though other choices may offer significantly better pricing – because the vendor consistently exceeds its customers’ expectations via teams of highly engaged employees.”


2022 NFSB Service Award Recipients: NFSB Master Auditor

Twenty-third-time recipients: Summit Status

  • Ultimate Kronos Group: Lowell, MA CRMI
  • Haemonetics Corporation: Braintree, MA Marketii – CXDNA Certified Partner

Twenty-second-time recipients: Summit Status

  • Zoll Medical Technical Services: Chelmsford, MA Marketii – CXDNA Certified Partner

Twenty-first-time recipients: Summit Status

  • Alfa Wasserman LLC: West Coldwell, NJ Marketii – CXDNA Certified Partner

Twentieth-time recipients: Summit Status

  • Boston Scientific Corporation: Natick, MA Marketii – CXDNA Certified Partner

Fourteen-time recipients: Summit Status

  • ACIST Medical Systems Inc.; Eden Prairie, MN Marketii – CXDNA Certified Partner

Thirteen-time recipients: Summit Status

  • NETSCOUT: Westford, MA Marketii – CXDNA Certified Partner

Twelve-time recipients: Summit Status

  • Diagnostica Stago Inc.: Parsippany, NJ Marketii – CXDNA Certified Partner
  • Wolters Kluwer Health, Learning, Research & Practice: Norwood, MA CRMI

Eleven-time recipients: Summit Status

  • Broadcom Inc: Washington DC CRMI
  • Yaskawa America Inc: Waukegan, IL CRMI

Ten-time recipients: Summit Status

  • Avaya Inc: Santa Clara, CA CRMI
  • Nutanix Inc Support Services: San Jose, CA CRMI

Eight-time recipients: Summit Status

  • Citrix Systems Inc: Ft. Lauderdale, FL CRMI
  • Deltek Inc: Herndon, VA CRMI
  • Fresenius Kabi USA LLC: Lake Zurich, IL CRMI
  • Wolters Kluwer Health Individual Member: Hagerstown, MD CRMI

Seven-time recipients:

  • Rubrik Inc: Palo Alto, CA CRMI
  • Cohesity Inc: Santa Clara, CA CRMI

Six-time recipients:

  • Cengage Learning Inc: Independence, KY CRMI
  • Hologic Domestic Service: Marlborough, MA Marketii – CXDNA Certified Partner
  • Hologic Technical Service EMEA: Manchester, UK Marketii – CXDNA Certified Partner
  • Nutanix Inc Consulting Services: San Jose, CA CRMI

Five-time recipients:

  • Braze Inc: New York, NY CRMI
  • Druva Inc: Sunnyvale, CA CRMI
  • Hologic Customer Support EMEA: Manchester, UK Marketii – CXDNA Certified Partner
  • REPLIGEN Corporation: Waltham, MA CRMI
  • Delinea: Washington DC CRMI

Four-time recipients:

  • Bracco: Spring Valley, CA Marketii – CXDNA Certified Partner

Three-time recipients:

  • DataStax Inc: Santa Clara, CA CRMI
  • Nasuni: Boston, MA CRMI
  • UiPath LLC: New York, NY CRMI

Two-time recipients:

  • Nutanix Inc. Resident Services: San Jose, CACRMI
  • Nutanix Inc. Technical Account Management (TAM): San Jose, CACRMI
  • Nutanix Inc. Education Services: San Jose, CACRMI

First-time recipients:

  • Braze Inc: Professional / On-Boarding Services, New York, NY CRMI


2022 NFSB CEMPRO Award Recipients: CXDNA Certified Soft Skills Professionals

Four-time recipients:

  • REPLIGEN Corporation: Waltham, MA
  • Yaskawa America Inc: Waukegan, IL

Five-time recipients:

  • Nutanix Inc Support Services: San Jose, CA
  • Rapiscan Systems: Torrance, CA

Six-time recipients:

  • Rubrik Inc: Palo Alto, CA

Seven-time recipients:

  • Fresenisus-Kabi USA LLC: Lake Zurich, IL

2022 NFSB Voice of Employee Recipients: Certified Employee Centric Work Environment

Three-time recipients:

  • Nutanix Inc Support Services: San Jose, CA
  • Yaskawa America Inc: Waukegan, IL

2021 NFSB Triple Crown Recipients: CXDNA Ultimate Ecosystem

Third-time recipients:

  • Nutanix Inc Support Services: San Jose, CA
  • Yaskawa America Inc: Waukegan, IL

Note to Editors: City and state denotes either company headquarters or principal location where CX strategy work was conducted.


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