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CX Lab

There are so many CX technology and services options available that it can be a challenge to find the ones that are best for your needs. The CX Lab provides CRMI’s individual and corporate members with access to exclusive software and app trials from our CX technology vendor partners. It also offers exclusive pilots and trials from our CX services partners, such as consultancies, training companies, and survey firms.

Technology and services providers that participate in the program have been vetted by CRMI as delivering consistently superior product/service performance along with exceptional customer CX experiences. These providers have achieved a level of 4.0 or above on a 5-point scale or equivalent rating system (e.g., NPS), so you can be confident of a stellar customer experience.

To take a test drive, simply click on the provider logo of your choice. You’ll be taken to the CX Lab page for that vendor or service provider, who will register you for a complimentary trial.

Participating providers will be announced soon!

CX Lab Vendor Criteria

Are you a CX technology vendor or services provider who would like to join the CX Lab program?

To qualify as a CX Lab vendor/service provider, your organization must conduct customer satisfaction (CSAT) surveys for product performance and service/support on a calendar year basis. Survey results must achieve a level of 4.0 or above on a 5-point scale or equivalent rating system (e.g., NPS) with a 95% confidence factor. CRMI requires written verification of your customer satisfaction ratings in both categories by an executive responsible for measuring CSAT for your organization.

Those vendors/service providers who qualify have full marketing rights to the CX Lab logo and audit results to further promote their leadership in product/service performance and world-class CSAT ratings.

Click here to submit an application to participate in the CX Lab program.